Pool on Pause, Crime Alert, Board of Directors Re-Elected

The pool is ‘on pause,’ for now, Kirkland’s Director of Parks told a group of 50 or so residents convened for Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance’s general meeting November 19th. The city is looking at an array of new potential site options in response to residents’ objections to two sites in Juanita’s neighborhood.

Jenny Schroeder, Director of Parks, presented a thorough review of the status and history of the proposed Aquatic, Recreation and Community Center (ARC) for Kirkland. All points in the presentation can be found on the city’s ARC site www.kirklandwa.gov/kirklandarc.org. There was a good round of questions from the audience on traffic, site location, usage of current parks, and exploring commercial building sites, particularly in Totem Lake.


Jenny Schroeder, City of Kirkland Parks Dir, at the November 19 2014 Finn Hill Neighborhood Mtg

Karen Lightfelt of the Juanita Neighborhood Association presented their opposition to siting the Aquatic Center on behalf of the Juanita Beach parkland.

The November neighborhood meeting also sailed smoothly through a number of other issues, including the Board election.  All six members up for re-election were re-elected to the board: Kurt Brunnenkant, Jeanette Leach, Ted McCagg, Scott Morris, Mathew Pruitt, Kathy Schuler.

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board presented 2014 highlights from the Annual Report.  The 2014 annual report is available here.

  • Policy Committee highlights included an overview of the board’s involvement with the new fire station; engagement with the city and county on acquiring undeveloped land adjacent to Juanita Heights Park, and an overview of the neighborhood safety program 2015 funding opportunities.
  • Stewardship Committee highlights included an overview of 2014 work and activities in our Finn Hill parks.
  • Communication and Community Development Committee highlights included a number of unique neighborhood events and initiatives occurring on Finn Hill, a full list is in the annual report. Among the events: DennyFest, The Fourth of July Parade, and Christmas Ships. Board member wrapped up reaffirming the impact that the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance and all residents have on solving Finn Hill’s challenges and creating new opportunities.

Audra Weber, Neighborhood Resource Office and
Mike Murray, Lieutenant, Kirkland Police Dept

Bill Blanchard, the meeting’s MC, introduced two Kirkland police officers: Audra Weber the Finn Hill Neighborhood Resource Officer and Mike Murray, Lieutenant. The officers answered several questions about burglaries, car prowlers and other crimes that increase during this time of the year, here is a recap and their advice:

  • Longer hours of darkness increase crimes.
  • During the holidays more objects and packages are left in vehicles increasing car break-ins.
  • They discourage having packages delivered to your front porch. Thieves follow UPS and FedEx trucks around the neighborhood.
  • Consider installing locking mailboxes on your street. Often bags of discarded mail are found and reported to the police.
  • Be vigilant in your neighborhood in reporting unusual activities.

“There are 8 (City of Kirkland police) districts and one officer assigned per district,” Audra Weber said.  Their job is to patrol and answer calls.

That’s a big job, considering, she said, that in the City of Kirkland, “There were 70,000 calls for service in 2014.”

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