Dec. 12: Community Kitchen

Dec. 12: Community Kitchen

Inglewood’s Neighborhood Kitchen


Annette Stephenson

Annette loves people and cooking, and she is starting a community kitchen here on Finn Hill. The purpose of a community kitchen is to come together, cook the food, then eat it together.

Next Kitchen: December 12th, 6-9pm at Inglewood Presbyterian Church.

Proposed Menu: Mexican Themed Evening of Tamales, Jicama Salad with Tangerines and Cilantro, Frijoles Borrachos, and Platanos Machos Fritos con Crema (fried plantains). I’m getting a little menu/recipe help from my Latina friend, Simona Martinez, who has a catering company.

Cost: $5 (to cover ingredients)


About Community Kitchens

Canada has hundreds of community kitchens, where people gather to cook and eat. In just a Google-glance, these descriptions appeared:

Community Kitchens are growing in Seattle too: Community Kitchens Video on

Though Seattle Tilth’s CKNW is emphasizing nutritious recipes, here on Finn Hill, we can build our own ideas. You are invited to the next kitchen. Help your community develop a kitchen that meets our needs.

About Annette

A few words and phrases Annette uses to describe herself: Seattleite. Cooking schools. Lived overseas. Teacher.

Seven years ago Annette moved to Kenmore, for Inglemoor, after a two-year stint in Japan for Boeing. Cultural studies have always been an interest of hers and after high school, she spent a summer in Europe. Presently, Annette teaches English to English language learners in the kitchen. It looks like she is teaching cooking, but its more about English, western culture, and just engaging with the international community. She also teaches ESL at a private school in the Mill Creek area.

With the community kitchen, Annette wants to bring together people in our community over food, a table, something that is lacking in our fast-paced American culture. She envisions a community-directed kitchen.


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