Local Emergency Charging

Local Emergency Charging

Kirkland and Inglewood Presbyterian Church (IPC) have agreed on staging an emergency generator for Finn Hill residents to charge electronic devices and have a warm space when the power goes down. The main concern was to have a charging facility for medical devices. The church plans on having the generator run from 8 AM to 8 PM when necessary.

Kirkland has bought the $18,000 generator, upgraded the church’s electric, and will pay for fuel. The church will give the space for the generator and charging room free. It will take charge of attaching it and turning it on. The agreement runs for 5-yrs.


Tatum Cruz, IPC Office Manager, with the generator

Call for Emergency Help

John Bailey will be the church member in charge of training a team of 6 to turn on and operate the generator. Carol White is in charge of opening the church and helping during emergencies.

The church would like more of the community to be involved in manning and helping during emergencies. Contact John Bailey: jtbailey@ix.netcom.com. Or Carol White: carolwalker.white@gmail.com.


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