Neighborhood Climate Action Initiative

Neighborhood Climate Action Initiative

At the recent neighborhood meeting Susan Vossler and Jim Salmon introduced a neighborhood initiative “Climate Action.”

This is a Finn Hill grassroots movement of friends and neighbors who want to address climate change by:

  • describing a path forward;
  • empowering local voices;
  • building the political will;
  • and ensuring a livable world.

For monthly meeting information contact Susan Vossler (

Next meeting is Sunday April 26 at 7 pm. The Climate Action initiative is an affiliate of the Citizens Climate Lobby, learn more by visiting

One Response to “Neighborhood Climate Action Initiative”

  1. Mark Vossler says:

    Thanks to Susan and Jim for presenting at the FHNA meeting. We would very much welcome any of our neighbors who are concerned about climate and want to take positive steps to make a difference. For a global effect you have to start local.

    “Creating the political will for a livable world by empowering individuals to experience breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.”