A walk down DennyFest memory lane

A walk down DennyFest memory lane

The Top 10 Reasons to go to DennyFest from the past five years.

Along with chili, pies, and dogs (both the edible and barking kinds), DennyFest wouldn’t be what it is without our annual list of reasons why you need to attend.

Jeff Hoerth, former president of Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (now the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance) and the person who inspired the first DennyFest seven years ago, is the ghost writer of these lists. In a couple of days, we’ll issue Jeff’s list of reasons why need to go to DennyFest this Sunday. But if you want to recall all of the reasons why you should have gone in the past, take a look at what we’ve archived…


Top 10 from 2014

10. There’s a chill in the air and chili in the pots. Get some fire in your belly before fall arrives.

9. Kids have you climbing the walls? Turn the tables and put them in the bouncy house.

8. Settle the argument once and for all whether it’s a hard ‘c’ pronunciation or soft ‘c’ as The Geoffrey Castle Band plays it’s brand of ‘c’eltic music.

7. No need to wring your hands over where the city should locate a new recreation center when O.O. Denny Park already gives you one in your own neighborhood.

6. With online dating not working out, maybe a numerology reading will give you better results.

5. Show your canine how well everybody’s else’s dogs behave and imagine for a few minutes it will make a difference.

4. No Seahawks game to distract you so you can discuss mutual Super Bowl plans with other fans at the park.

3. The chair massages are done with chairs on site so no need to drag your recliner to the park unless you want one more reason to get a massage.

2. Still haven’t completed your ice bucket challenge? There’ll be plenty of people with video cameras on their smartphones and Lake Washington beckons.

1. Pie. No more explanation needed. Just ‘pie.’

Top 10 from 2013

10.  Remember the days before vote by mail? Relive those times at the food competitions where you can stuff your ballot into a box after stuffing yourself with pie and chili.

9.  Magician Ruben Barron uses humor in his act so if you pester him with questions why, you end up with a grilled ruben on wry.

8.  Have you seen the cost of flights to Germany and Ireland? Save the airfare and see a Castle right here. Sure, it’s Geoffrey Castle and his band. But word it right and your Facebook friends don’t have to know the difference.

7.  Just stop with the Hop on Pop! Visit the Bouncy Toy instead.

6.  In the Dog/Owner Look-alike competition, try to figure out which is which.

5.  From what we see in your email and phone records we got from NSA, you could do with a bit more excitement in your life.

4.  The Seahawks game will be over by 1 so stop by and start your Monday morning quarterbacking a few hours earlier.

3.  A trail tour might have you stumbling upon who knows what kind of wildlife. No, not Miley Cyrus and the dancing bears.

2.  Between the city parks levy and the county parks levy, you may as well stop by a park and get your money’s worth.

1.  The Mariners are playing.

Top 10 from 2012

As the newly-named Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, we want to see people from all over the area celebrating with neighbors. Need more incentive? Well, here are this year’s Top Ten reasons:

10. Forecast calls for partly cloudy skies. With the expansive view across Lake Washington, come recall what a cloud looks like after this long stretch without rain.

9.  The Fire Corps is displaying some sort of thing called a smoker. You’re just the ham we need to put in it.

8.  After research this year showed dark chocolate and red wine can extend life expectancy, we’re conducting our own study with chili and pie. Test subjects needed.

7.  Music soothes the savage beast. After two full moons last month, you better get your savage beast down there. Three live bands will perform.

6.  It’s a big political season. Eliminate your own deficit of good times by electing to get off the couch!

5.  Dog show? Trees? We’re all about the bark!

4.  Wear down the energetic little monsters by putting them in our first ever Bouncy Toy house. We call it Habitat for Inhumanity.

3.  Bring your BFF to our BBQ and BBHappy. LOL.

2.  We’re an all-inclusive picnic. It’s not just for ants. It’s for uncles, cousins, grandparents, stepsisters…

1.  Have a Mayan calendar on your desk? Then this is your last chance EVERRRRR!

Top 10 from 2011

And if you’re one of those who doesn’t do anything outside without checking the weather forecast, hold on there. Here are this year’s Top Ten reasons to ignore any gloomy prognostications:

10. What are you, the Bubble Boy? You live in the Pacific Northwet. If a little rain is a deterrence, you’ll never get outside.

9.  Be like a duck. They don’t mind. Just don’t waddle into Lake Washington and stick your back end up in the air.

8.  A study in one US market found meteorologists to be right only half the time when predicting rain. Them’s a lot better odds than Muckleshoot or Tulalip.

7.  Live bands are always more fun to watch when you think what might happen when H2O meets electric guitar.

6.  You don’t want to relive that Seattle-Pittsburgh nightmare all over again.

5.  Dad always said “Think of the overhead.” And we have. The canopies are back to keep the pie crust dry and the chili from getting watered down.

4.  It’s election season and lots of politicians will be in attendance. So we’re guaranteed hot air.

3.  Best Dog and Owner Look-Alike contest could be something to see on what might be a bad hair day.

2.  We’ve got t-shirts this year. Even if you don’t wear them, they make a great emergency facial chamois.

1.  Don’t think of it as rain. It’s just precipitation.

Top 10 from 2010

Before you convince yourself to stay home if its raining, here are the Top Ten reasons why you should bring your own shine to the event:

10. There’s no better antidote to a rainy day than a cup of chili. You’ll have several to choose from in the chili contest.

9.  Have fun watching the dog contest, especially when Best Kisser becomes Best Wet Kisser.  Ewwww.

8.  These are the events you remember — like a football game in a blizzard, a wedding without the groom, or Thanksgiving when the turkey burns.

7.  Free live music sounds better with Mother Nature backing up the lead singer.

6.  Pie is the solution to any problem. Savor the pie contest.

5.  We’re turning the park into Canopy Cove. With a dozen canopies, we’ve got you covered without all the fuss Tent City raises.

4.  Your friends and neighbors have put in hundreds of hours planning the event. What’s an hour out of your day by comparison?

3.  You don’t really think the Seahawks will make the playoffs, do you?

2.  There are great gift baskets donated by local merchants being raffled and these were not advertised. Your odds of winning will be a lot better than those for the lottery. Bring some spare cash to buy tickets.

1.  You’re reading your e-mail at this time on the weekend so you really need to get out.


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