Top Ten Reasons to go to DennyFest this Sunday

Yes, it’s that time again. DennyFest takes place Sunday, September 13, 2015 at O.O. Denny Park from noon to 4. Here are this year’s Top Ten reasons why you should be stopping by:

10. After Wind Storm 2015, O.O. Denny Park has room for a few more limbs. So bring yours.

9. Rumor has it these may be the last four hours of summer so make the most of it.

8. All the talk recently of an earthquake one day has us thinking it’s best to prepare the kids now by sticking them in the bouncy house.

7. Try the chili contest entries and watch your mouth get more inflamed than Donald Trump’s.

6. So you can’t walk on water. But with warmer weather this summer lowering Lake Washington by 20 inches, show your friends how you can walk on what was once water.

5. Hot dogs and burgers are going to get more grilled than Hillary by House Republicans.

4. Judge for yourself if music calms the savage beast while watching the squirrels during Geoffrey Castle’s violin playing.

3. See dogs compete for the local top prize before they leave for Iowa to roll over in the presidential primary.

2. Shuttle service from the Inglewood Presbyterian Church parking lot may be the only area route left not charging a toll.

1. Who knows — Kam Chancellor might be chillin’ at the park. Or maybe David Letterman.


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