Neighborhood Plan Status Update

Neighborhood Plan Status Update

It has been a while since you have heard about the neighborhood plan – longer than we would have hoped.  Rest assured, although things have not come together maybe as quickly as we communicated last May at the general FHNA meeting, the neighborhood plan is alive and well!

What we told you before is that the City of Kirkland contracted with the Green Futures Lab (GFL) out of the University of Washington to develop a neighborhood plan.  GFL uses graduate students in planning, architecture and related disciplines to collaborate with local communities such as the cities of Burlington, Edmonds, Lake Forest Park, and Seattle, and promote the application and development of green infrastructure.

Since the general meeting in May GFL has hired a group of students that have been spending their time conducting research and learning about Finn Hill.  This month two board members of the FHNA had an opportunity to spend an afternoon touring the hill with these students.  Discussions were had about parks, transit, zoning, topography, trail connectivity, sidewalks, protecting green space, and many other issues.  The students are engaged in this project and are eager to meet members of our community.
There are many upcoming events that you should know about:

  • On September 13, two to three of the students will be manning a table at Denny Fest at O.O. Denny Park.  They will have a 3D model of Finn Hill and will be eager to discuss what you hope for the future of our community.
  • In the fall, GFL will be holding a community listening session.  At this meeting they will be using surveys, interactive mapping, instant polling and other methods to get your feedback.
  • In the winter, there will be a community workshop.  At this meeting GFL will present various options to the community to get your feedback before they begin drafting the neighborhood plan.

When dates and times for the fall and winter meetings are known, FHNA will get that information to you.  At these meetings we will need help to facilitate small group discussions and perform other tasks.  If you are interested in helping out please email

The neighborhood plan will be a comprehensive, in-depth plan for the future of Finn Hill.  The plan will focus on meeting public service needs, accommodating new development, maintaining the character of Finn Hill, and protecting our open spaces, waterways, and parks.  This is your opportunity to have a voice in the future of our neighborhood.  Please come by the table at Denny Fest to meet the students and attend both the community listening session and workshop.

Mathew Pruitt, FHNA Board

Mathew Pruitt, FHNA Board

2 Responses to “Neighborhood Plan Status Update”

  1. Debra Norby says:

    How does one find out about the dates/times for the listening session and the workshop?

  2. The listening sessions times will be posted on our website and sent out over email. Stay tuned for more information really soon. In the mean time, the students will be at Denny Fest on September 13 from 12 to 4.