Finn Hill’s Future – Two Critical Meetings This Week Oct 12 & 15

Finn Hill’s Future – Two Critical Meetings This Week Oct 12 & 15

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends,

This week features two meetings of great significance to our neighborhood – one concerns fire protection for Finn Hill and the other concerns nothing less than the future of where we live.

I urge you to attend these meetings and participate. It is critical that you express your views. Please read on:

Finn Hill Fire Station Plan – Community meeting on Monday, October 12 – Finn Hill Middle School from 7pm to 9pm

The City is holding a hearing to explain its long-term plan for building a second station to provide better fire protection service to eastern Finn Hill and the Juanita neighborhood. See press release. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance board supports the plan subject to certain conditions.

We have sent Kirkland’s City Manager, Kurt Triplett, a letter setting forth our support for the City’s proposal to upgrade existing Station 25 and using remaining fire district funds to purchase land for a new station provided that the City continues to work on plan for Kenmore and Kirkland to staff Station 24 jointly or, failing that, to add a 4th fire fighter permanently to Station 25. But we encourage you to attend Monday’s meeting yourself: learn about the plan, ask questions and say what you think!

Finn Hill Zoning Plan – Open house on Thursday, October 15 – Finn Hill Middle School from 5pm to 7:30pm

Finn Hill is changing. Subdivisions are popping up. Density is increasing. Our zoning map is the product of ad hoc decisions made by King County over several decades. Parts of it are a mess. Left as is, our zoning will produce incongruous development and could spell the ruin of what’s best about Finn Hill.

The City has agreed to work with FHNA on a new neighborhood zoning plan, and we are co-hosting an open house at Finn Hill Middle School to hear what you think about housing density, open space, traffic congestion, options for cyclists and pedestrians, commercial development – and more.

This is your chance to define the character of where you live for decades to come. Please make every effort to attend our “listening session” on Thursday.

The event starts at 5pm and will continue to 7:30m. Stations will be set up at which you can ask questions and offer opinions. Come when you want and move at your own pace. We’ll have a brief presentation about the neighborhood plan process at 6:15pm. And we’ll have coffee, water, and cookies, too.

We’ve been posting articles about the neighborhood plan process on FHNA’s Neighborhood Plan web page. Please check them out.

I have some strong views about how Finn Hill should evolve over the next 20 to 50 years. I intend to post them, as personal observations, on our web page. I’m sure you have strong views also – so, please join in the conversation! Use our web page as a platform for asking questions, offering insights and responding to other viewpoints.If we all get involved and start working together, we can do great things for Finn Hill.

We look forward to seeing you at Finn Hill Middle School on Thursday.

Scott Morris

FHNA LogoFinn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President

(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance) 
PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083

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