Climate Action: Join Kirkland Citizens Climate Lobby on Feb. 28th

Climate Action: Join Kirkland Citizens Climate Lobby on Feb. 28th

The Kirkland Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby remains hard at work on promoting a politically feasible market-based solution to our climate crisis.

While the national news on the “politics” of climate change may seem bleak, with the Supreme Court blocking the implementation of the Clean Power Plan and Congress voting to prevent the National Science Foundation from funding climate research, there are some big rays of hope.

  • Our state initiative to price carbon, I-732, has gathered enough signatures to be under review in the state legislature.
  • A bipartisan climate caucus has been formed in the House by two Representatives, one Democrat and one Republican, from Florida.
  • Rep Chris Gibson (R-New York) has introduced a resolution calling for congress to act on the issue of climate change.
  • 11 other Republicans including Dave Reichert (WA-7) have co-sponsored.

A true bipartisan solution to the climate crisis is just around the corner. We are seizing the opportunity with our spring lobby drive. All CCL chapters will be meeting with our members of congress in March and April to discuss a revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend. We will meet with Rep DelBene in early April (time and date TBA).

If you want in on the action join us on February 28th at 7pm for our monthly meeting. Contact Susan Vossler for more information.


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