Plastic Bag Ban Begins March 1, 2016

BYOB takes on a new meaning in Kirkland on March 1, 2016 when store cashiers will no longer be dispensing plastic bags at the checkout, and large paper bags will be 5c. Plastic bags will be available for take out, damp items, newspapers, and dry cleaning.

This will require a shift in habits for some, or paying 5c per paper bag at the register. (The 5c goes to the stores for the cost of the bag). Some have been using their own for years so won’t notice a difference (and I can assure you it isn’t hard with practice). I heard a recent story of heirs squabbling over the matriarch’s reusable shopping bags picked up in 1968 in Mexico, and still used 2x a week. At 5c/use she would have saved $235 per bag!

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