The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography

Leah Berner is the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance photographer. The winter scene on the home page is photographed by Leah looking at the East Cascades.

After earning her degree in Fine Art, Leah continued to pursue photography because she has always had a passion for photos and art since she was young. In her teens and twenties she traveled to many different countries all over the world, photographing the beauty everywhere.

In the nineties with the advent of digital photography, she started experimenting with this new form of photographic technology, and has learned much since then through extensive experience with a camera and in the editing room as well. She loves old-fashioned photography and developing rooms, however, digital photography has captured the center of her attention in her artistic quest.

She says, “It is the perfect outlet for me to express my love of color and design in nature, people and things because the possibilities with digital editing are endless. So much room for creativity!”

Contact Leah Berner for photography services.

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