FHNA 2015 Annual Report

FHNA 2015 Annual Report

 Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (November 2014 – November 2015)
Cohesive Community Connected by Woodlands & Waterways
Committed to Neighborhood Stewardship

“The mission of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is to coordinate our active community of residents and regional partners to preserve, protect, and restore Finn Hill’s extraordinary natural environment, and to promote the welfare of the Finn Hill community by engaging in civic issues.”

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Highlights of 2015

Neighborhood Plan

  • Secured City funding for UW’s Green Futures Lab (GFL) to lead Finn Hill neighborhood plan process.
  • Committed FHNA funds to underwrite a portion of the cost to engage the plan consultant, ensuring that FHNA had a voice in development of planning process.
  • Briefed GFL on Finn Hill issues, hosted Finn Hill neighborhood tour for GFL team and City representatives, and organized GFL presence at DennyFest to introduce planning process to Finn Hill community.
  • Together with GFL and City, organized 2 community meetings to gather Finn Hill residents’ viewpoints on key planning issues for Finn Hill.
  • Continuing to work with GFL, City, and Finn Hill residents on development of neighborhood plan through 2016.

Juanita Heights Park Expansion

  • Secured $150k from King County and $200k from City for land acquisitions to extend boundaries of Juanita Heights Park, preserving woodlands on Goat Hill and connecting park to foot of Goat Hill near Juanita Beach
  • Continued negotiations with owner of parcels adjacent to Juanita Heights Park for acquisition of approximately 4 acres of woodlands
  • Continuing to contact other property owners about potential land acquisitions


  • Currently working with LWSD on updating the school walk route maps for Sandburg, Thoreau, and Juanita Elementary schools
  • Applied for and received grant funding through the City’s Neighborhood Safety Program for the following projects that are currently being implemented
    1. Juanita Drive radar speed signs
    2. Pedestrian activated flashers at NE 138th Street crosswalk along 84th Avenue in front of Thoreau Elementary
    3. Upgraded crosswalks and lighting along NE 145th Street
  • Formed a small working group to review and select 2016 neighborhood safety project grant eligible projects
  • Formed a small working group to review and select 2016 neighborhood safety project grant eligible projects. The project submitted as candidate projects include:
    1. New walkway along 87th Avenue NE
    2. New pedestrian activated flashers at NE 141st Street crosswalk along 84th Avenue NE
  • Coordinated with the City to repair and paint the raised curbs along 84th Avenue NE
  • Advocated for additional capital funding for improvements to Juanita Drive as part of the City’s 2016-2021 Capital Improvement Program
  • Advocated for a resolution to improve north end fire service, and worked with City staff to permanently fund a 4th firefighter at Fire Station 25 along Holmes Point Drive
  • Led the formation of a local group of residents to oppose removal of the existing street barricades in Finn Hill
  • Hosted a joint City Council candidate forum with the Juanita Neighborhood Association
  • Continue to participate in the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods representing Finn Hill residents


  • Lead and sponsored trail maintenance and invasive plant removal work parties in Big Finn Hill Park, including clearing blackberries from a portion of the homestead orchard
  • Hosted two EAS and one Microsoft work party in Big Finn
  • Participated in Friends of Big Finn Hill Trails committee meetings
  • Identified additional leadership for Juanita Woodlands maintenance
  • Identified additional leadership for OO Denny removal of invasive plants
  • Conducted 5 work parties in Juanita Heights Park removing ivy and planting a mix of natives
  • Hosted the City of Kirkland Park Advisory Board tour of Juanita Heights Park


  • In April, FHNA continued the annual community-wide Garage Sale event (held on the last Saturday in April), mapping 28 family sales on the website.
  • During the summer, FHNA staffed an FHNA table at Friday Juanita Farmers market events.
  • In September, FHNA sponsored the DennyFest celebration, with great volunteer coordination and sponsorship. In 2015, DennyFest featured local politicians, artists, children’s recreation, arts and crafts, dog parade and contest, chili cook-off, pie bake-off, interpretative trail walks, massage tent and other featured local talents and spectacular live music.
  • In December, we supported Christmas Ship visit to O.O. Denny with luminaries and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate and coffee.
  • In the wake of the Oso disaster, FHNA successfully raised grant money from 4Culture, King County’s arts and culture agency, to produce a video on landslides and their hazards to us—broadly, in the Puget Sound, and, locally, on Finn Hill. The video features some of the footage from an earlier FHNA-sponsored community event featuring a panel of five experts speaking about these issues.


  • FHNA continued to maintain and expand content on the FHNA website with 22,406 click throughs in 2015 (FinnHillAlliance.org) and Facebook page (Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance) covering civic and environmental issues affecting Finn Hill residents. Engaged community interest and conversation via Facebook, email blasts, news releases, blogs, and interactive website
  • Supported outreach communication via website announcements for the Climate Change Lobby, a Finn Hill chapter holding monthly meetings
  • We expanded the FHNA database to include 764 email addresses
  • FHNA received 43 donations totaling $4345 via the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig event
  • Thanks to Barbara Travers (Yolo Productions), FHNA produced a video about the November 14, 2015 Neighborhood planning meeting (posted on the FHNA website)
  • We submitted letters to the City of Kirkland regarding housing development on properties including Radke subdivision Schoene subdivision, Holmes Point zoning, Planned Unit Development option on Simonds Road, Bel Lago pier; Andermo Short Plat
  • FHNA submitted letters to City Council on Fire Station issues
  • We hosted the City of Kirkland City Council at the May 27, 2015 neighborhood meeting
  • The City of Kirkland CERT department set up a generator at the Inglewood Presbyterian Church for emergency service to residents
  • Supported outreach communication via website announcements for the Community Kitchen located at the Inglewood Presbyterian Church
  • FHNA received a $15,000 grant from King County for rain water harvesting programs; the grant funds will be used to set up a rain water harvesting system to water a new community garden at Inglewood Presbyterian Church.

2015 Officers & Directors

  • Scott Morris, President
  • Connie Winter, Treasurer
  • Pierre Geurts, Secretary
  • Jon Pascal, Policy
  • Jeanette Leach, Stewardship
  • Kathy Schuler, Outreach – Communications
  • Kurt Brunnenkant, Outreach – Community
  • Matthew Pruitt, at-large
  • Ted McCagg, at-large
  • Francesca Lyman, at-large
  • Bill Blanchard, at-large

Income and Expense Report 

Nov. 2014 – Nov. 2015


Grant – 4Culture: $750
Individual Donations: $5,749
Matching Donations: $3,449
Interest: $22
Program Income
– DennyFest: $236
– Christmas Ship: $86

Total Income: $10,292


Administrative: $2,175
Program Expense
Christmas Ship: $185
DennyFest: $5,340
Garage Sale: $200
Meetings: $1,144

Total Expenses: $9,044

Funds Balance

Operating Account: $9,508
Reserve Savings: $5,011
Juanita Woodlands: $43,119
Greenspace: $1,801
PayPal (GiveBig acc’t): $245

Total Funds: $59,684


  • $4625 of donations was through The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig event in May 2015

Many thanks to all who support our work!

2 Responses to “FHNA 2015 Annual Report”

  1. Clair James says:

    Do you need to own property to be on the board? Can renters be board members? I just moved into the area and I am a renter looking to buy. I know you just had elections but I want to find out what will be open next year.

    Thank you

    • Kathy Schuler says:

      The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance bylaws state that anyone who resides in the Finn Hill neighborhood is an FHNA member and can be on the board, if elected by the members. Therefore, renters can be board members. It is unknown at this time what vacancies will occur next year.