GiveBIG website is working — and awaits donations to FHNA through May 4

GiveBIG website is working — and awaits donations to FHNA through May 4

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends,

The Seattle Foundation’s giveBIG website is back in operation and the deadline for contributions has been extended until midnight, Wednesday, May 4. You can go online and make a donation to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks to all who tried to give today. Please give it another shot. Let’s take advantage of the extra day to invest in Finn Hill’s long term future.  We appreciate your support!

What is GiveBig? It’s the day on which your donations to your favorite charities can earn additional contributions from the Seattle Foundation and its sponsors. So, if you make a donation online to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance on May 3, we will qualify for some additional funding thanks to the GiveBig program.

Why donate to FHNA?

  • We’re your neighborhood association – we’re committed to enhancing Finn Hill’s unique environmental features and its quality of life.
  • Over the years, we’ve saved parkland and improved zoning and traffic safety regulations; we sponsor community events like the Finn Hill garage sale and DennyFest; and we’re a respected voice at City Hall.
  • We’re continuing our work with the community on Finn Hill’s first neighborhood plan, which we will shape land use decisions in our neighborhood for decades to come. We’ve funded part of the consultants’ fees to coordinate a process that gives you a direct voice in planning policy. In the coming months, we’ll form citizens’ committees to work on specific projects (zoning, transit, tree preservation, open space retention).
  • We’re also raising money to acquire vacant land on Finn Hill for permanent open space. We want to build a sizable fund for property purchases. We have secured $350,000 in grants, and we’re applying for more, but we need your financial support, too. Neighbors’ contributions not only help the bottom line but they also make a powerful political statement – and that helps us get additional support from state and local government.
  • We are an all-volunteer 501c3 organization. Your contributions will be used wisely and will be tax deductible to you.

So, please make a GiveBIG donation to FHNA. You can do so on May 3 or you can schedule your donation right now by signing up on FHNA’s GiveBig contribution page. The Seattle Foundation will process the contribution for you on May 3.

How do I make a GiveBIG donation?

It’s easy. Click on the button below and donate online.


Thank you for your support!

Scott Morris, President
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

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