Ad Hoc Residents Groups

Ad Hoc Residents Groups

Thursday, May 26 from 7 – 8:30 Finn Hill residents who are  interested in having a role in affecting the neighborhood plan met.. The topics covered were:

  • An overview of the Finn Hill neighborhood plan process – quick history
  • Plan principles
  • Specific study topics for the summer – topics in which we should be involved
  • Volunteer – how we can affect the plan

Ad hoc residents’ groups were formed to focus on four individual study topics and engage with city officials/experts who are drafting policy for that neighborhood plan topic.  The four topics are:

  1. Residential / Commercial zoning
  2. Mobility (transportation)
  3. Parks, open space and trails
  4. Holmes Point Overlay

If you wish to join one of the ad hoc groups, please use the contact form to get connected.

May 26, 2016 Finn Hill residents meet to form ad hoc summer focus groups affecting the neighborhood plan

May 26, 2016 Finn Hill residents meet to form ad hoc summer focus groups affecting the neighborhood plan


At the previous neighborhood planning meetings there was a volunteer sign up sheet for whose who wished to  remain engaged in the Finn Hill neighborhood plan’s development.  If you were not at the meetings and did not sign up as a volunteer but would like to participate there is a meeting this Thursday, May 26, at 7 pm to discuss how we, as neighbors, can participate in creating policies and regulations that will shape Finn Hill for decades to come.

As you know, we’ve had the opportunity to tell the City and the planning consultant, Green Futures Lab, about our priorities for the Finn Hill neighborhood. Preservation of open space, better controls over higher density residential development, improvements to our commercial areas, better connectivity for walkers and cyclists, and relief from traffic congestion – all of these concerns have been clearly communicated by Finn Hill residents. (Click  here to see the summary that the consultant presented to the Planning Commission on May 12.)

Some of the issues that the City will study in detail are:

  • Residential zoning – in particular, zones on Finn Hill that allow 8 homes to the acre
  • Tree canopy preservation – especially, the effectiveness of the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance and the possibility of expanding the area covered by the ordinance
  • Development of our 2 commercial zones
  • Development of sensitive areas – steep slopes and wetlands
  • Connectivity – trails, sidewalks, bike lanes and, more generally, street standards
  • Transit and traffic congestion

We need small groups of residents to work with City officials over the summer on each of these topics – asking questions and providing feedback while policies are being written, rather than just reacting after drafts have been prepared. On Thursday, we’ll discuss what we can hope to accomplish with the neighborhood plan and how we can make sure the input we have already provided doesn’t get lost during the next stage of work.

We’re at an important stage in the creation of the Finn Hill neighborhood plan. We have a unique opportunity to affect the future of where we live. Let’s not waste it.

I hope you can come on Thursday, May 26th. The meeting will be in the social hall at St. John Vianney Church at 12600 84th Avenue (just south of Sandburg Elementary.)  Please let me know if you plan to attend, use the contact form on this website and please send a note if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks for your interest in making our community a great place to live.


Scott Morris

Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance – President

(formerly Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance)| 206-972-9493

PO Box 682, Kirkland WA 98083

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