Neighborhood Meeting, Wed. June 15

Neighborhood Meeting, Wed. June 15

This is a reminder that the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is hosting a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, June 15, at 7pm in the social hall of St. John Vianney Church at 12600 84th Avenue. This meeting is for everyone who lives in the Finn Hill neighborhood (and even those who don’t), so please come.

We always think our neighborhood meetings are important – they concern issues that affect our daily lives, after all. This Wednesday’s agenda is no exception: it will focus on 3 items of particular interest to us as Finn Hill residents and Kirkland citizens:

New fire station for Finn Hill: Kirkland’s Deputy City Manager Marilynne Beard will provide an update on Kirkland’s progress in finding an appropriate site for a new fire station to serve the eastern side of Finn Hill.

Rapid transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor: a Sound Transit spokesperson will tell us what’s being discussed for rapid transit next to the corridor trail. A representative of the Save Our Trail group will explain why that organization is opposed to rapid transit on the corridor and what alternatives the City and Sound Transit should consider. Want some background to this debate? You can start by checking out a recent KUOW story, browse the Cross Kirkland Corridor page on the City’s website, and look at the Save Our Trail site.

Proposed hotel in St. Edward Park: We’ll hear from a  Washington State Parks planner about a proposal from Daniels Real Estate to restore the old seminary building in St. Edward State Park as a hotel. And a park user will respond with questions about how the project might affect the recreational quality of the park itself. Curious to learn more? There’s a Seattle Times story, a KUOW report, information on the Daniel Real Estate site and the Washington State Park site, plus the views of Citizens for St Edward State Park. And, by the way, did you know that the seminary building is reputedly haunted? The spirits seem be friendly – they like to bake aromatic bread.

Unfortunately, we won’t have spooky loaves on hand for our meeting, but we do provide coffee and cookies – and some topics for lively discussion. We hope to see you on Wednesday evening at St John Vianney, on 84th a few blocks south of Sandburg Elementary.

Scott Morris
President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

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