Finn Hill Board Member Jon Pascal chosen by Kirkland City Council to fill vacant seat

Congratulations to Jon Pascal, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board member, on his new position as council member. The Kirkland City Council, in a letter, appointed Jon Pascal to fill the position 2 seat vacated by Shelley Kloba. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance board thanks Jon profusely for his contributions and camaraderie over the years that he served as an FHNA board member. When Finn Hill was annexed by the City, Jon was a leader in forging a single Finn Hill neighborhood and inweb1_mug-kir-pascal-john-640x8002x helping the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (DCNA) evolve into FHNA.  In addition to serving as an FHNA board member, Jon has years of community service to the City.  He has served on the City’s Planning Commission and Transportation Commission and currently serves as Co-Chair of the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods. Best of luck Jon, you will be missed!


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