Finn Hill land use and zoning

On January 12, 2017 the Planning Commission discussed eleven (11) study areas considered for potential land use and zoning changes associated with the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan. For reference the Finn Hill zoning areas under review are identified in this zoning map. The scope of change for each study area and recommendations discussed by the Planning Commission is described in their meeting packet, Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan, File No. CAM15-01754.  This link will take you to the  January 12, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting packet  descriptions for the potential land use and zoning changes for each of the study areas.

In brief, the Planning Commission instructed the City’s staff to proceed with zoning studies of most, but not all, of the recommended study areas. In areas where zoning studies will proceed, residents can expect to receive additional communications from the City about potential zoning revisions and will be invited to submit additional comments. In areas where the Planning Commission decided not to pursue further study, zoning will remain in place and the Planning Department staff will not solicit comments from the areas’ residents about zoning options.

The Planning Commission’s recommendations for each recommended study area were:

1.RSA 4-A: Remove from study areas. Keep RSA 4 zoning (four houses per acre).

2. RSA 4-B
a. West: west side of Juanita Dr. Remove from study area. Keep as RSA 4 zoning.
b. East: keep as study area and keep both options for study as RSA 6 (six houses per acre) or keep as RSA 4.

3. RSA 8-A: Keep as study area with all zoning options to be considered (including retention of current zoning that allows 8 houses per acre). Preliminary direction was to rezone western-most parcel to RSA 6.

4. RSA 8-B: Keep as study area with all options.

5. RSA 8-C: Keep as study area with all options.

6. RSA 8-D: Keep as study area with all options.

7. RSA 8-E: Remove from study areas. Keep as RSA 8 zoning.

8. RMA 5-A (immediately north of Shell station on Juanita Drive): Keep as study area with all options, including multi-family housing. Need traffic impact assessment. Combine discussion with BNA area study area #10 (Shell station/Plaza Garcia).

9. BNA North Inglewood (QFC shopping center): Keep as study area. Preliminary direction: provide policy guidance in plan for future redevelopment (outlined in staff report on page 13) but hold off on making zoning amendments. Need to assess infrastructure and transportation needs.

10. BNA South Holmes Point Residential Market (Shell station/Plaza Garcia): Keep as study area. Similar to #9 above, provide policy guidance for future development. More information needed on adjacent properties and expansion of zoning boundary.

11. Holmes Point Overlay code amendments: Potential Planning Commission study session date of February 9th.

In collaboration with the City, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance and students from the University of Washington Green Futures Lab (GFL), the Finn Hill Neighborhood is expected to be completed Spring of 2017.

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