Concerned about tree canopy?

Concerned about tree canopy?

Thursday, April 27: Kirkland Planning Commission continues review of Finn Hill Tree Ordinance, at 7pm at Council Chambers in City Hall, 123 Fifth Avenue. This will be the Planning Commission’s second session to review the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance, the special tree regulation that applies to Finn Hill west of Juanita Drive. We’ll be providing background information about the ordinance and proposed amendments to it later this week on the FHNA website. If you are concerned about the tree canopy on the western side of Finn Hill – or want to see stricter tree preservation rules apply elsewhere in Finn Hill – the meeting next Thursday is one that you won’t want to miss.

The meeting agenda and packet are available online here


The Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan public outreach process identified protection of the natural environment and retaining tree canopy as a high priority to maintain neighborhood character. Due to increased levels of infill development occurring throughout the neighborhood, residents expressed concerns with the amount of tree removal, if the current regulations and zoning in place are adequate to maintain the tree canopy for the future, and if regulations are being adequately enforced, especially in the Holmes Point Overlay area. 
Discussions with current planning staff also identified challenges with the HPO regulations that staff works through on a daily basis with developers, builders and homeowners to locate a house, while considering the Protected Natural Area (PNA), vehicle access, utilities, and surface water requirements on each lot.   
This memo focuses on key issues related to the Holmes Point Overlay regulations and responding to tree retention issues and concerns raised from the public, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA), and City staff. Potential approaches to address these concerns are discussed such as policies to incorporate into the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan, potential code amendments, or procedural changes that could be implemented during the development review and construction process.   
Direction from the Planning Commission on the issues is requested so staff can proceed with the final draft of the Neighborhood Plan or draft code amendments. 


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