Giant Sequoia Redwood Saplings Coming to OO Denny Park

Giant Sequoia Redwood Saplings Coming to OO Denny Park

The Green Kirkland Partnership is sharing the following. On Thursday February 23, between 12pm and 2pm, Ford Motors volunteers will be at Juanita Bay Park where volunteer Green Kirkland Steward Nona Ganz (supported by Green Kirkland staff) is hosting a forest restoration event with 20 volunteers from Ford of Kirkland and various photographers and managers from Detroit and Dearborn, MI. Ford volunteers will be conducting forest restoration activities, including  invasive plant removal, mulching with wood chips, and planting 5 western red cedars (purchased and provided by Ford). A photo shoot will occur at Juanita Bay Park during the volunteer event.

After volunteering at Juanita Bay Park on Thursday, February 23, Ford volunteers will move to O.O. Denny Park, between 2:30 and 3:30pm. Led by Tim Werner, Parks Maintenance Supervisor and certified arborist, the Ford volunteers will be planting 5 redwoods in the lawn areas (not in natural areas) and Ford and its advertising agency GTB will be conducting a photo shoot.

Results of the photo shoots will be used for an Earth Day article in Ford Motors newsletter, which apparently is distributed to 1,000s of branch offices.

In addition to volunteering, Ford will be making a donation of $1,000 to the Green Kirkland Partnership towards the cost of trees in forest restoration sites.

About Giant Sequoia Redwood Saplings
The giant sequoia redwood saplings are special.  They are cloned from “mother redwoods” for which the genomes are known.

10 redwood saplings are already in Kirkland with Parks Maintenance.  5 of them will go in at O.O. Denny Park 2/23,  the other 5 will go in at Woodlands Park (i.e. North Rose Hill Woodlands Park). The redwoods are not going into designated natural areas because they are not native to our area; however, we love redwoods and are so pleased that they are going into Kirkland’s parkland: “right tree in the right place”.

Read more about the Moving the Giants to Puget Sound program and the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive:

The image is from CBS News,  “Giant sequoia tree sprouts are nurtured at a lab in Michigan.”
Giant Sequoia

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