Finn Hill Annual Neighbors’ Meeting Wed March 22

Finn Hill Annual Neighbors’ Meeting Wed March 22

Annual members’ meeting – Wednesday, March 22: The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is holding its annual meeting at 7:00 pm in the Finn Hill Middle School cafeteria, 8040 NE 132nd Street.

Here’s our agenda:

  • Election of FHNA board members: Five positions are up for election. They are currently held by Bill Blanchard, Kurt Brunnenkant, Jeanette Leach, Scott Morris, and Kathy Schuler. All of these directors have said that they would like to serve for another 2 year term. Other candidates may seek election, however, please write to the board to submit a nomination so that we can prepare ballots and arrange our agenda accordingly.
  • King County Council member Rod Dembowski: Council member Dembowski represents our district. He has been very supportive of FHNA initiatives since he joined the council in 2013. He’ll speak about the County’s response to the November landslide in O.O. Denny Park and answer questions from the audience.
  • Plans for 100th Avenue Corridor: Enviroissues, a planning consultant to the City of Kirkland, will present proposals to improve traffic flow on this busy corridor that flanks the eastern edge of our neighborhood.
  • Spring Egg Hunt – April 8: Hear our plans for our first annual egg hunt on Sunday, April 8, in Big Finn Hill Park.
  • Big Finn Hill Park meeting – April 19: The Friends of Big Finn Hill Park Trails is holding its annual meeting on the 19th. The agenda will include discussions about long-term plans for the park. We’ll give you an overview of the issues.
  • Annual Garage Sale – April 22: We’re signing up participants for this event. We’ll tell you how you can register at the meeting.
  • Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan and Holmes Point Overlay: We’ll summarize what’s happening with these critical projects and how you can get involved.

Our annual meeting is a great way to catch up on what’s happening in the neighborhood. And you can get a free cup of coffee and cookies, too. We hope you’ll join us on the 22nd.

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One Response to “Finn Hill Annual Neighbors’ Meeting Wed March 22”

  1. LaVita White says:

    I live on the corner of 88th Place NE and 126th. The speed limit of 25mph is largely ignored by drivers who travel through the neighborhood at much higher rates of speed. There have been several accidents involving major damage to vehicles. Parts of my fence have been destroyed by speeding vehicles on five different occasions. Several of my neighbors have also had their fences damaged. I have contacted the Kirkland Police, but they refer me to the neighborhood association. We are greatly in need of speed bumps to slow the traffic,
    which has increased a great deal with the large housing development off of 89th Place.