Recap Community Meeting March 22, 2017

Recap Community Meeting March 22, 2017

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance held its annual members’ meeting at the Finn Hill Middle School on Wednesday, March 22. About a hundred residents attended.

King County Council member Rod Dembowski, whose district covers Finn Hill, spoke about several initiatives he is supporting in the Finn Hill neighborhood, including the award of a $15K grant to install a rain water harvesting system at the Inglewood Presbyterian Church that will provide water for a community garden. The councilman noted his strong support for the Green Loop Corridor on Finn Hill; as envisioned in the developing Neighborhood Plan, the Green Loop Corridor will be a trail circling the entire Finn Hill neighborhood and will connect with trails to other neighborhoods and cities. Council member Dembowski also discussed the November 2016 landside that sent mud from the McDonald meadows development down a ravine into Denny Creek in Big Finn Hill Park. He said that the County is meeting with the City and the developer to discuss remedial measures.  

King County Council member Rod Dembowski at the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance members' meeting March 22, 2017

King County Council member Rod Dembowski at the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance members’ meeting March 22, 2017

Jon Pascal, who recently stepped off the FHNA board to join the Kirkland City Council was recognized for his contributions, arranging for the City of Kirkland to acquire land along Simonds Road as open space and championing numerous pedestrian and road safety improvements.  Jon noted that Finn Hill’s “green space, parks and topography” make it a unique neighborhood. He said that his tenure on the FHNA board encouraged him to continue public service at the City-wide level.

Five incumbent board members were re-elected on voice votes for additional 2 year terms.  They are: Kurt Brunnenkant, Jeanette Leach, Scott Morris, Matt Pruitt, and Kathy Schuler. Each of the five board members introduced themselves prior to the vote.

Representatives of Enviroissues, a design consultant to the City of Kirkland, then presented an update on the re-design of the 100th Ave NE corridor. The area covers 100th Ave NE from 132nd to 145th.  The area faces challenges for pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and buses. The City is considering street and intersection improvements. An open house on 100th Ave Corridor is scheduled for April 25. More information is available on the City of Kirkland’s website.

The meeting wrapped up with several announcements (check website for additional details):
–  Egg Hunt April 8 (Big Finn Hill Park by pavilion/playground)
–  Friends of Big Finn Hill Trails annual meeting April 19 (Finn Hill Middle School 7 pm)
–  Garage Sale April 22
–  Appeal for summer volunteers in the FHNA tent at the Juanita Beach Farmers Market
–  DennyFest August 20
Neighborhood Plan and Holmes Point Overlay (HPO) update, upcoming April 27th Planning Commission meeting on our neighborhood’s tree ordinance.



Finn Hill Neighborhood Meeting March 22, 2017

Finn Hill Neighborhood Meeting March 22, 2017

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  1. L:aVita White says:

    I can’t understand why speeding traffic in neighborhoods is not being addressed. We need speed bumps on 88th Place NE to slow the drivers who regularly ignore the 25mph speed limit. There have been several accidents resulting in major damage to vehicles. My fence has been extensively damaged five times. Other fences in the neighborhood have also been damaged. None of the Alliance plan seem to take into consideration the safety of our neighborhoods. This should be a priority.