Denny Creek headwater restoration project

Denny Creek headwater restoration project

One of the headwaters for Denny Creek originates in southern Kenmore, then runs south through the Inglewood Church campus on 141st Street before continuing into Big Finn Hill Park to join Denny Creek.  The church’s portion of the waterway includes mature Doug Fir and Cedar, and a variety of other native plants. Until 2016, it also included a lot of weeds. As Pastor James Kumin put it, “As a church for the neighborhood, we wanted to do better.”

With well over an acre of forest and wetland on the property, in mid-2015 John Bailey, an Inglewood Church member, initiated with King Conservation District to participate in restoring and enhancing the area.  The joint agreement and planting plan was approved by the City of Kirkland in early 2016, and planting began shortly thereafter.

Now the site is (mostly) clear of blackberry, holly, and canary grass. Instead, it is filled with a wide mix of native plants, including everything from thimbleberry and Nootka rose to hemlock, cascara, Doug Fir, and Red Cedar saplings. We’ve had ducklings in the pond, and look forward to watching the area flourish as we continue to clear returning invasives and enhance the natural beauty of this place. Here is a look at the restoration map.Inglewood Presbyterian Church Wetland restoration phase 2 begins -IPC 2016

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