GiveBIG is Wednesday, May 10 — please give bigly (or big league) to FHNA

GiveBIG is Wednesday, May 10 — please give bigly (or big league) to FHNA

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends, the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event is happening on Wednesday, May 10, and we hope you’ll use this chance to help out the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance — your neighborhood association — with a generous contribution.

You can click here to make a tax-deductible gift. You don’t need to wait until the 10th. You can donate now!

Would you like to know more before deciding? Please read on.

If you aren’t familiar with it already, GiveBIG is an annual campaign sponsored by the Seattle Foundation in which contributions to your favorite non-profits — like FHNA, we hope — will be supplemented by donations from other large donor organizations. The GiveBIG campaign used to require that all donations be made on a single day to earn matching funds. But this year, you can donate now through May 10, and your gift will qualify for extra dollars.

But why should you part with your hard-earned dollars to help FHNA? Because we are working to keep Finn Hill great and to make it an even better neighborhood to live in. And we’re effective not only because we have a dedicated board and terrific community support, but because we also have funds to spend on neighborhood plan meetings and park maintenance activities, on communications (website maintenance and all of those yard signs), and neighborhood events — like DennyFest, our Spring Egg Hunt, the annual garage sale, the Christmas Ships bonfire.

And, this year, we are preparing a major campaign to supplement City and County funds to acquire open space. That’s how well keep Finn green!

To be blunt, we need your contributions to accomplish our goals. Hopefully, those are your goals, too. Hopefully, you’ll agree that it makes sense to invest in the quality of your own neighborhood. So, please Give BIGLY…or give BIG LEAGUE. The words don’t matter, but your financial support really does.

We’re an all-volunteer 501c3 organization – your contributions are tax deductible and will be used solely for FHNA’s mission.

And just in case you missed it above, you can click here to donate now.

Thanks for reading this and for considering a gift to FHNA!

Scott Morris
President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 682, Kirkland, WA 98083


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