Finn Hill Plan and Re-Zoning review on Thurs, May 25

Finn Hill Plan and Re-Zoning review on Thurs, May 25

Dear Finn Hill Neighbors:

This is a quick follow up to my previous email about the Finn Hill neighborhood plan, which the Planning Commission wil review on Thursday (tomorrow) at 7pm in the Council meeting room at City Hall, 123 Fifth Avenue in downtown Kirkland.

We hope you’ll be able to attend the meeting but if that won’t be possible, you can always submit questions and comments to the Planning Commissioners by letter (addressed to the Planning Commission at the City Hall address above) or by email to Sorry that I didn’t cover that point in my earlier note.

The Holmes Point tree protection ordinance won’t be a specific focus for the Planning Commission on Thursday night. The commissioners reviewed the ordinance s few weeks ago and will revisit it again on June 22. But you are welcome to comment on the ordinance nonetheless. And if you think that all of Holmes Point should be downzoned to RSA4 (four homes per acre) to preserve our tree canopy or that tree protections should be strengthened across all of Finn Hill, now is a great time to let the Planning Commission know.

Over the next several weeks, FHNA will work with the Planning Department on revisions to the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance. We’ll update you as recommendations for amending the ordinance progress.

The Transportation Commission reviewed the Transportation & Mobility element of the draft Finn Hill neighborhood plan this (Wednesday) evening. In brief, the City intends to study proposals to:

  • Improve transit options on Finn Hill,
  • Prioritize the installation of sidewalks,
  • Limit the addition of driveways on Juanita Drive,
  • Kick off a plannning process (with residents’ input) for possilbe improvements to Holmes Point Drive, and
  • Study opportunities to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular connectivity on Finn Hill, including possible new street connections

Some of these points are already referred to in the Transportation & Mobility element. We’ll gather more information and post it on the FHNA website. But if you have views or questions about these matters, don’t hesitate to raise them now.

Finally, the City’s Parks Board will review the Parks & Open Space element on June 14. Our Green Loop Corridor proposal will be a focal point of discussion at that meeting. If you want to learn more about the proposal or comment on it, mark the 14th on your calendar.

In case you missed the links in my previous email about the neighborhood plan:

If you have questions, write to us at

Thanks for reading this. To paraphrase a familiar slogan: Let’s make Finn Hill Green Again!

Scott Morris
President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

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