Climate Change Tip Sheet

Climate Change Tip Sheet

Climate change is affecting real people right now and the problem gets worse and the solutions harder the longer we put off doing something about it. Most of you are concerned and want to take action but are often somewhat overwhelmed.  We have been asked to provide a series of monthly tips on personal actions that can have an effect.  Obviously not every action will be equally possible for everyone: putting up solar panels is out if you rent or live in a house that is heavily tree-shaded and using public transportation to get to work doesn’t make sense if you work from home.  However we hope to inspire all of you to take the actions that are personally feasible and have an impact.

Climate change Tip for June: Bike to work:

We all struggle to get enough physical activity into our daily lives to maintain our health. Why not make it part of our daily commute?  Reduce your carbon footprint and improve our health simultaneously.  With longer days and more pleasant weather right now is the perfect time to make active commuting a habit.

Even accounting for the carbon footprint of the food consumed to produce the energy of pedaling the average car produces over 10 times as much carbon dioxide per mile for a single passenger as a cyclist.  According to a study by the European Cycling Federation biking produces 21g of CO2 per kilometer and using an electric boost bicycle produces 22g/km while the average passenger automobile produces 271g/km.

In addition to the long-term affects on global warming the immediate effect of non-fossil fuel dependent transportation is to reduce dangerous air pollution including small particulate matter, Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide, thereby reducing the risk of asthma, heart attack and stroke for all of those who breath the air around you.  Furthermore the benefits of daily cycling for your personal health include an 11% reduction in cardiovascular illness and a 28% reduction in annual mortality relative to sedentary commuters.

If your commute is too long to make it by bike alone consider riding to a transit center or bus stop and combining active and public transport.  If you are thinking you are too old or too out of shape to bike why not try an electric boost bike? Several local bike shops sell them:

If you want to get more involved in the fight against climate change and need some help having an impact consider joining the Kirkland Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.

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