Finn Hill June Meetings – St. Edwards, Park Board, Planning Commission

Finn Hill June Meetings – St. Edwards, Park Board, Planning Commission

Dear Finn Hill Neighbors:  Here’s a quick run down on upcoming meetings that concern our neighborhood:

Monday, June 12 – Kenmore City Council: The Kenmore City Council will hear a status report on its plan to enter into a 20 year lease for the ball fields at St. Edward State Park. Kenmore plans to install artificial turf and lighting for evening games. FHNA has taken no position on St. Edward development plans because the park is outside of our neighborhood boundaries, but many Finn Hill residents use the park and have strong opinions on how it should be maintained. This meeting should give you a good grasp of the issues related to the ball field plan and how the City of Kenmore plans to move forward. Here’s the meeting agenda. Look for Item XIII and click through to read the staff report. Note that the Kenmore City Council meeting begins at 7 pm with suggested arrival at 6:45pm.

Wednesday, June 14 – Kirkland Park Board: The Parks Department has confirmed that the draft Finn Hill neighborhood plan will be reveiwed by the City’s Park Board on Wednesday. The Park Board agenda and accompanying materials should be available online later today or Tuesday.
Thursday, June 22 – Kirkland Planning Commission: The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider Planning Department recommendations for the revisions to the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance – the tree preservation ordinance that applies to the Finn Hill neighborhood west of Juanita Drive. In advance of the meeting, FHNA will prepare a letter stating the FHNA board’s views on a variety of issues including tree canopy objectives, provisions for the removal of trees in homeowners’ yards, and extension of the ordinance to other sensitive areas of Finn Hill. This is an important meeting and we hope you’ll put it on your calendar. More information to come!

Scott Morris
President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

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