DennyFest tomorrow – 10 reasons why you should go

DennyFest tomorrow – 10 reasons why you should go

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends, We’re looking forward to seeing you at DennyFest tomorrow for a sunny afternoon of great music, food, and fun. It’s free (except for the wine tent – $5/glass, cash please) so why wouldn’t you come? If you’re still hesitating, here are the top 10 reasons to head down to O.O. Denny Park tomorrow between noon and 5pm.

10. The solar eclipse is Monday morning. You better get as much Vitamin D as you
can because who knows if the moon doesn’t decide to just stop.

9. In case it does rain, we’ve hired former White House communications director Sean Spicer to inform you that it is NOT raining.

8. Even though it’s non-native, we have a wine garden this year! And school doesn’t start yet for three weeks. So, you know . . .

Dennyfest FB Cover 2017_FHNA FB Cover DF7. The Seahawks pillaged the Vikings Friday night. This is Finn Hill so prepare to console some Viking descendants who may stop by.

6. If the news headlines make you feel like Rome is burning or the Titanic is sinking, Geoffrey Castle will be here to fiddle as his band plays on.

5. Rumor has it the winner of the dessert competition is in line for the next White House Chief of Staff opening next week.

4. Magician Ruben Barron will be on hand to reveal if the Seattle Mariners’ intend to perform their annual disappearing act.

3. There’s talk that contenders for the Iron Throne might make an appearance. Or was it the city council? Not sure, but if they bring a dragon . . .

dennyfest-2016-dog-contest2. There’ll be a bouncy house for the kids. Unless, of course, there is a bidding war and it gets bought beforehand by overseas investors with an all cash offer.

1. The best therapy for stress is a dog and we’ll have plenty on hand to slobber their way into your hearts.

See you tomorrow!
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board of Directors

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