City Mtg Sept 14 Finn Hill Proposed Street Connections

City Mtg Sept 14 Finn Hill Proposed Street Connections

The next Planning Commission meeting will be a held on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Kirkland City Hall Council Chambers.  The agenda item is  Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan – Proposed Street Connections, File No. CAM15-01754 Staff Contact: Janice Coogan, 425-587-3257 or

The meeting agenda and packet are now available to view online. Or here is the pdf: Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan Proposed Street Connections_CAM15-01754_0914 

Excerpt from the packet:
The July 27, 2017 Planning Commission study session packet contains a background memo describing how the map was developed, policy guidance for encouraging street connectivity in the city and the initial street connections map and chart. Some areas of Finn Hill contain a street system that is underdeveloped with dead ends, lacking street connections, and with pavement and sidewalks not up to city standards. Some streets look like they are public but are actually private. Some streets contain barricades installed by King County. Street connectivity is a high priority described in the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan. The proposed street connections and street improvements shown on the map would typically be required at time that adjacent property develops, or “development driven”.  Alternatively, those connections that address emergency response times could be discussed by the City as capital projects.
The Planning Commission has received many oral and written public comments opposing several of the street connections and barricade locations. The proposed street connections with the greatest number of objections are the following areas:

#9  6th Avenue NE from NE 130th Pl to North end of existing 64th Ave NE

#10 63rd Avenue NE from NE 129th ST to the South end of existing pavement in 63rd Ave NE cul de sac (petition submitted signed by 26 people)

#11 64th Ave NE from 68th Ave NE to NE 129th ST

#24 Street Loop from 80th Ave NE to NE 117th ST

#25 NE 120th ST Barricade

2 Responses to “City Mtg Sept 14 Finn Hill Proposed Street Connections”

  1. Kendal Larive says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the verbiage for the petition that #10 used. Want to do the same on our street.

  2. Mate Zgombic says:

    I object to street connection #22. There are already too many unlawfully driven vehicles up and down the street and I already fear for the lives of the kids, including mine, in the neighborhood. Connecting will open the way for more rush hour traffic who are known to be inattentive behind the wheel. A connection from 116th directly east to Juanita would be a better decision.

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