Finn Hill on the Sept 28 Planning Commission Agenda

Finn Hill on the Sept 28 Planning Commission Agenda

The next Planning Commission meeting will be a held on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Kirkland City Hall Council Chambers. The meeting agenda and packet are available online. The Finn Hill portion of the meeting covers the following topics in order to proceed with adoption of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan:  Read more in the packet online.

1. Draft Street Connections Map Follow Up- Joel Pfundt will attend the meeting and respond to questions from the Commission.

2. Holmes Point Overlay (HPO) Policies

a. Should RSA 6 and RSA 8 zones be considered for rezone to RSA 4
b. Revisit expansion of HPO boundaries or in one area, delete HPO zone
c. Revisit suggested prohibition of development on greater than 40% slopes

3. Revisit draft land use policies regarding:

a. Affordable housing
b. North Finn Hill (Inglewood Shopping Center) and Holmes Point Residential Market commercial areas

4. Status of meetings with FHNA group regarding Holmes Point Overlay code amendments

5. Schedule alternatives for Neighborhood Plan and code amendments

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