Important meetings in October

Important meetings in October


Dear Finn Hill Neighbors, Halloween is almost here. Before the goblins and werewolves start roaming the darkened streets, we hope you’ll venture out to attend 2 meetings this week — in safe, well-lighted venues — that affect the future of where we live:

Wednesday, October 25th  Roads and Fire Stations: 7pm at Finn Hill Middle School Cafeteria (8040 132nd Street). It is infrastructure night for Finn Hill! City staff will provide updates regarding improvements to the 100th Avenue Corridor and safety enhancements to Juanita Drive. Also, the City will report on its plans for fire stations on Finn Hill: Station 25 (at the southern end of Holmes Point Drive and Juanita Drive) will be closed for rehab work and staffing will move temporarily to Station 24; meanwhile planning continues for a new station on 124th Street near 100th Avenue (across the street from Juanita Elementary). Each of these projects affects us almost every day, so it is worth part of an evening to see how they are shaping up.

Thursday, October 26th Public Hearing on the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan: 7pm at City Hall (123 Fifth Avenue). The Planning Commission will hold a final public hearing on the draft neighborhood plan, including proposals for important zoning changes on Finn Hill. If you have not weighed in yet, this is the time to do so. You can testify at the meeting (3 minutes per speaker) or you can send comments to the Planning Commissioners and to Senior Planner Janice Coogan or you can do both. Click here to access links to the comprehensive staff memo on the plan and associated maps. (The staff memo links appear next to details about the October 26 meeting on the lower half of the web page.) Critical zoning issues include:

  • Proposed downzones of RSA6 and RSA8 areas along Holmes Point Drive, and south of O.O Denny and Juanita Woodlands Parks
  • Removal of the area between Juanita Drive and 80th, south of Juanita Woodlands Park, from the Holmes Point Overlay zone
  • Upzoning the residential area near Carl Sandburg Elementary from RSA4 to RSA6
  • Designating the QFC/Inglewood Shopping Center as a Finn Hill Neighborhood Center, allowing for mixed commercial and multi-family housing and stepped-back structures up to 5 stories

The Planning Commission will not consider modifications to the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance (other than the removal of the triangular area south of the Juanita Woodlands) or proposed street connections on October 26. These subjects will be addressed separately in 2018. (See discussion in the staff memo.) As we have said before, Finn Hill is your neighborhood, so take the opportunity to let the City hear what future you want for where you live.

Scott Morris President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance


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