Final Zoning Recommendations at Thurs, Nov 9 Planning Commission Mtg

Final Zoning Recommendations at Thurs, Nov 9 Planning Commission Mtg

The next Planning Commission Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7:00pm. The Commissioners will discuss follow-up items from the October 26, 2017 public hearing on the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan and related code amendments to the Zoning Code, Zoning Map and Municipal Code.

The Commissioners will complete deliberation and make a motion on the final recommendation to City Council for consideration at one of the Council meetings in January 2018.

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board of Directors  letter dated November 7, with comments for the November 9, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting.

The meeting items are  now available online Excerpt from the  agenda document below:

BACKGROUND On October 26, 2017 the Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the draft Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan chapter to the Comprehensive Plan, proposed rezones within and outside the Holmes Point Overlay area, and miscellaneous amendments to the Zoning Code and Municipal Code for the new Finn Hill Neighborhood Center (FHNC) regulations….

Approximately 25 people gave oral testimony at the hearing. Public written comments (letters and emails) were sent to the Planning Commissioners prior to and at the hearing. Below is a summary of the key comments expressed at the hearing (See Attachment 1 for rezone area map):

The majority of comments support the rezones in the Holmes Point O verlay area from RSA 6 and 8 to RSA 4. A few people would like zoning lowered to RSA 2.

For the RSA 6-E rezone area, a few property owners propose changing the northern boundary of the proposed rezone area from NE 120th ST to NE 118th Place (east of 73rd Pl) so that their properties are excluded from the rezone (retain at RSA 6). See more discussion below.

Others within RSA 6 areas expressed concern that they received short notice of the proposed rezones, and have plans to sell or short plat their property under the RSA 6 zoning for their financial planning for retirement. One person suggested extending the adoption date to allow for submittal of a short plat application to develop their property under existing zoning.

Opposition to the Anderson citizen amendment request (RSA 6-A) to rezone RSA 6 to RSA 8.

Opposition to removing the RSA 6-B area (triangular block east of Juanita Dr. including RSA 6A area) from the Holmes Point Overlay requirements.

General support for the new Finn Hill Neighborhood Center (FHNC) zoning including the five stories if certain requirements are met. Some comments oppose the five stories.

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board generally supports the draft Neighborhood Plan, the lowering density in the HPO area, the increased density and zoning regulations for the FHNC commercial center and does not support removing the RSA 6-B area from the HPO.

Opposition to street connections 18, 19, 19A, 20 (to be discussed next year through a separate public process).

One person submitted the results of a survey conducted of his surrounding homeowners on a number of topics and received 17 responses.

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