November Climate Change Tip

November Climate Change Tip

Climate Change Tip Sheet from Kirkland Citizens Climate Lobby

Climate change is affecting real people right now and the problem gets worse and the solutions harder the longer we put off doing something about it. The wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest and the flooding along the Gulf Coast are stark reminders of the dangers of inaction.

Most of you are concerned and want to take action but are often somewhat overwhelmed. We have been asked to provide a series of monthly tips on personal actions that can have an effect. Obviously not every action will be equally possible for everyone: putting up solar panels is out if you rent or live in a house that is heavily tree-shaded and using public transportation to get to work doesn’t make sense if you work from home. However we hope to inspire all of you to take the actions that are personally feasible and have an impact.

Climate change Tip for November: Contact your members of Congress

So you have been doing your part, walking more, driving less, eating less meat, changing your light bulbs yet you wonder how to translate this into action for society as a whole. You recognize that we have to globally reduce emissions. Unfortunately the fossil fuel industry remains heavily subsidized for their exploration efforts while clean energy incentives are expiring or being repealed. With the EPA scaling back and the clean power plan being scrapped we must turn to congress to advocate for a solution.

This month citizens from around the country are going to DC to lobby for clean energy while the rest of us call, or write or members of congress. The more of us who do this the greater the impact it will have.

Please take just a few minutes to write. Ask your Senators and Representative to take action to reduce fossil fuel emissions and to do so in this legislative session.

Senator Patty Murray

Senator Maria Cantwell:

Representative Suzan DelBene:

If you want to get more involved in the fight against climate change and need some help having an impact consider joining the Kirkland Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby.
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