Ted McCagg, Remembered by FHNA Board Members

Ted McCagg, Remembered by FHNA Board Members

We’ve  learned that Ted McCagg, a past Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance board member recently passed away.

“Ted joined our board after retiring from a career in airport architecture, to provide insight into our vision for urban planning in his beloved green and watery neighborhood. He was a tall, quiet, listening presence who contributed his wisdom in a kind, thoughtful, and generous way. He was always warm and welcoming, and I loved his open-hearted authenticity. I think he will be missed by many who loved him.”

“What a special person-an elegant, genteel man who was always there for FHNA and always supportive of everyone individual person, recognizing people’s talents and gifts and ready to lend a hand. It was always good to know he was there, with his wisdom and good judgment. A real loss for the Finn Hill community.”

“Very sad news… he was a great guy, supportive and public spirited.”

“Sad news. Ted was one of the good guys. May he rest in peace.”

“…easy going nature…always a smile on his face”

“Ted was pretty special and has been an important member of Finn Hill for a very long time.”

“It is always sad to hear of an elder-wise member of a community passing on, a void is left leaving all to wonder how will it be filled.”

“So heartbroken hearing about Ted’s passing. I read about him in the Seattle Times today, and while I knew much about him and his accomplishments on airports across the nation, there was so much I didn’t know. I do know that he spearheaded the preservation of the Triangle Park across from Fire Station 25. Preservation of open space, such as that park land, will provide lasting benefits for future generations who will call Finn Hill and the Kirkland community there home in the years to come. I am grateful for all he contributed to the Finn Hill neighborhood, but also to the larger community.”

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