Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016

Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (November 2015- November 2016)
Cohesive Community Connected by Woodlands & Waterways
Committed to Neighborhood Stewardship

“The mission of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is to coordinate our active community of residents and regional partners to preserve, protect, and restore Finn Hill’s extraordinary natural environment, and to promote the welfare of the Finn Hill community by engaging in civic issues.”

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Highlights of 2016

Neighborhood Plan/Holmes Point Tree Ordinance
• Held community meetings in February and May to review summary of Green Future Lab’s summary of neighborhood priorities and residents’ feedback on neighborhood goals. (See FHNA website You Tube channel for video of November 2015 of community meeting on neighborhood plan – thanks to Barbara Travers (Yolo Productions) for creating video)
• Attended and spoke at Planning Commission meetings in May, June, August and September at which commissioners discussed recommendations for the Finn Hill neighborhood plan
• Organized Holmes Point residents’ ad hoc working group to review and recommend revisions to Holmes Point Overlay ordinance, protecting trees west of Juanita Drive

Juanita Heights Park Expansion
• Worked with City of Kirkland to apply for $135,000 grant from King County Conservation Futures Trust Fund to acquire open space on next to Juanita Heights Park
• Led King County Conservation Futures Trust Fund Committee tour of the Juanita Heights acquisition area in April
• Continued land acquisition negotiations with property owners next to Juanita Heights Park
• Met with Goat Hill neighbors in May to discuss open space acquisition opportunities

• Continued to participate in the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (KAN) representing Finn Hill residents
• Worked with LWSD on updating the school walk route maps for Sandburg, Thoreau, and Juanita Elementary schools.
• Worked with the City to implement the following safety projects:
o Juanita Drive radar speed signs
o Upgrade of crosswalks and lighting along NE 145th Street
• Formed working group to help City award grants for neighborhood safety projects:
o New walkway along 87th Avenue NE
o New pedestrian activated flashers at NE 141st Street crosswalk along 84th Avenue NE
• Continued work with City on siting new fire station at 100th and 132nd and on long-term fire station plan
• Participated in Metro’s Alternative Transportation Services – Stakeholder Working Group in May-July, focused improving public transit services in Finn Hill and South Kenmore.
o Metro is now working on new services such as trip pools, school pools, and community vans

• Juanita Woodlands: Facilitated two large work parties to remove blackberry and ivy that were competing with the native plants planted by FHNA in 2010
• Juanita Heights Park: Planned and hosted numerous work parties to remove invasives and restore native vegetation
• Big Finn Hill Park: Organized 20 work parties (including EAS, Expedia, Eddie Bauer, Microsoft and the Girl Scouts) to remove blackberries and ivy and repair/reroute/close trails damaged by seasonal ponding. Met with King County officials about re-location of maintenance supply bins at Big Finn Hill Park. Represented neighborhood in Friends of Big Hill Park
• McDonald Preserve: Met with Forterra (property owner) to discuss a trail connection from 72nd to O. O. Denny Park that does not cross private property
• Water management: Secured a $15,000 grant from King County to fund a rain water harvesting system for a new community garden at Inglewood Presbyterian Church

• Garage Sale: In April, organized annual Finn Hill garage sale, with 30+ participating homes
• DennyFest: In September, sponsored annual neighborhood picnic/ celebration featuring live music, food, arts and crafts, kids’ activities, dog parade and contest, chili cook-off, and pie bake-off
• Christmas Ships: In December, FHNA supported Christmas Ship visit to O.O. Denny with a bon fire, luminaries and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate

• Held neighborhood meetings in March and June
• Website and social media: Continued to maintain and expand content on the FHNA website ( – 19,300 click-throughs in 2016 – and Facebook page (Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance) covering local civic and environmental issues (including monthly meetings of Climate Change Lobby’s neighborhood chapters)
• Landslide video: Using grant funds from 4Culture, King County’s arts and culture agency, to produce a video on landslides in the Puget Sound and on Finn Hill. The video recaps a 2015 presentation sponsored by FHNA on landslides and is available on FHNA’s website You Tube Channel
• Staffed booths at Wednesday and Friday Night Farmers Markets (downtown Kirkland and Juanita Beach) to publicize Finn Hill issues and promote community engagement

2016 FHNA Officers and Directors
Scott Morris, President
Amy Falcone, Treasurer
Jon Pascal, Policy
Jeanette Leach, Stewardship
Kathy Schuler, Outreach – Communications
Kurt Brunnenkant, Outreach – Community
Matt Pruitt, Policy
Mike Fehlauer, Policy
Marc Ackerman, DennyFest
Ed Hunt, Meetings/DennyFest
Bill Blanchard, Outreach/Land Acquisition



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