Kirkland City Council approves Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan

Kirkland City Council approves Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan

Dear Finn Hill Neighbor: Great news! The Kirkland City Council approved the Finn Hill neighborhood plan unanimously last night. Associated zoning changes, including the down zones of portions of Holmes Point to RSA 4 will take effect in next week.

The plan and zoning amendments were adopted as recommended by the Planning Commission – with the exception that the Council revised zoning in the area adjacent to Carl Sandburg Elementary from RSA4 to RSA6, in order to be consistent with surrounding zoning.

We’ll provide more details in a subsequent email, or come to this evening’s annual members meeting at 7pm in the Finn Hill Middle School Cafeteria for an update.

Council members were very impressed with the level of engagement they witnessed from Finn Hill residents. Your participation in community meetings, testimony at Planning Commission hearings, and letters and emails to staff, Commissioners, and Council members made a huge impact. Thank you for getting involved!

While getting the plan across the finish line is a major achievement, there will be more work in the next year to finalize some aspects of the plan: the Holmes Point Overlay ordinance re-write, proposed pedestrian and street connections, street improvements to Holmes Point Drive and 132nd/90th, street standards for the neighborhood, and a master plan for the Green Loop. Plenty of great projects for volunteers to work on!

Scott Morris
President, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

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