About FHNA

“The mission of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is to coordinate our active community of residents and regional partners to preserve, protect, and restore Finn Hill’s extraordinary natural environment, and to promote the welfare of the Finn Hill community by engaging in civic issues.” – Bylaws, 2011.

Welcome Finn Hill Residents! The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA) is your neighborhood association. We invite you to enjoy the energizing sense of community that comes of gathering on common ground for common cause.

By planning, working, playing, exploring, and educating together, we can create the future of Finn Hill, and we can make real friends with our neighbors — the greatest outcome of all.


Let’s cultivate our garden. Let’s dream what Finn Hill could look like in 2050. Let’s create a preserved, protected, restored, engaged, and thriving Finn Hill neighborhood! Now is the time to Get Involved.


Working to maintain Finn Hill.

Finn Hill’s Potential

Finn Hill is Kirkland’s biggest neighborhood – in land and in people. It is also by far Kirkland’s greenest neighborhood. Our parks — city, county, and state — are regional destinations. We host six schools. Our landscape is currently protected by good land use policy. Our residents have skills and power. We have potential to become a regional model of intelligent comprehensive urban green community planning.

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Next Steps

Now, we want to be locally attuned and responsive. We aim to release potential, uncover networks of people that already exist, connect neighbors with shared passions, listen to everyone’s concerns, focus on constructive solutions, and leverage the power of partnerships.

We want to work and play, plan and produce, ponder and party, for the goal of enhancing our neighborhood.


With annexation of Finn Hill in 2011, the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance expanded its mission and changed its name to include all of Finn Hill. DCNA was founded by neighbors in 1994 to care for Finn Hill’s west side watersheds.

For 18 years, the Alliance has partnered with supporters, schools, and governments to shape land use policy, acquire park land, restore open spaces, collaborate with schools, and celebrate community.

DCNA’s style sprouted from the grassroots and bloomed into a positive, respectful, & effective network of neighbors. and friends. Learn more about FHNA history.

FHNA Bylaws (As amended January 15, 2014)

Ongoing Projects

  • Denny Creek Watershed Preservation
  • Finn Hill 2050
  • Juanita Woodlands Preservation
  • Surface Water Management
  • Trail Mapping
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