Board of Directors

A team of volunteers manages the operations of Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance, meeting monthly to make decisions on projects supporting the organization’s mission, communications, fundraising, and member development. The Board is elected at its November meeting. Any member in good standing is eligible to run for a Board position.

You can email the board directly with any comments, questions, or ideas. Their email is

If you have an interest in a board position, please contact us.

Board and General Community Meeting Schedule for 2017

General Community Meetings

  • Annual Meeting is held in November.  Additional meetings occur during the year and are announced through emails, social media and yard signs.

Board Meetings (held on the third Wednesday of each month)

  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 16
  • April 20
  • May 18
  • June 15
  • July 20
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 16
  • December 21


Meet our 2017 Board of Directors

Scott Morris, President


  • Resident of Finn Hill (Champagne Point) since 1997
  • DCNA/FHNA history: First got involved in neighborhood activities in 2000, when DCNA organized to save Juanita Woodlands; joined DCNA board in 2005 (??), became president in April 2010 (when Jeff insisted on resigning!)
  • Other activities: Currently serving on Kirkland Parks Funding Exploratory Committee; secretary to a nonprofit focused on Haiti relief efforts; also on boards of Seattle Art Museum and law school in California
  • Work: Corporate attorney in wireless communications industry; background in government affairs, international transactions
  • FHNA interests:
    • ensuring that DCNA transitions smoothly to FHNA, increasing active membership and sustaining charitable donations, and getting schools involved in our environmental programs
    • developing more effective means of communicating with the Finn Hill community and enriching FHNA website/social media with timely and intelligent content (environmental and social blogs, features, etc)
    • promoting a long-term vision for the Finn Hill neighborhood in which pressure for additional development is compensated by additions to/enhancements of neighborhood green space and parks (Finn Hill 2050)
    • working with the City of Kirkland effectively, proposing ideas and solutions rather than merely reacting to city initiatives
    • Finishing our reforestation program for the Woodlands

Amy Falcone, Board Member At Large


Amy lives in Finn Hill with her husband John and two young children. She moved to Kirkland in 2014; is actively involved in the Thoreau Elementary School PTA, current President of her HOA board, and is currently working with FHNA on the 2016 Kirkland Neighborhood Safety Program to help improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Finn  Hill. She moved here from Northern Virginia, where she served in various capacities in her community, including HOA President and Treasurer, and Community Activities Chair.

Amy enjoys the natural beauty of our local parks and landscapes, and is passionate about improving the walkability of our neighborhood.

Kathy Schuler, Outreach - Communications Committee


  • Resident of Finn Hill since 2005
  • DCNA History: A frequent visitor to Denny Park, St Edwards and Big Finn Hill
  • Park Activities: Appointed Green Kirkland Steward of Juanita Heights Park. Stewards organize volunteer events to restore forests, wetlands and other natural areas.
  • Other Activities: Appointed to Kirkland Parks Funding Exploratory Committee 2011-2012; Eastside Sustainable Business Alliance and engaged in a variety of nature preservation groups.
  • Work: Background in art education, Masters in Business.  Work as a marketing communication and community outreach specialist.
  • FHNA Interests:
    • Contributing to strong social connections on Finn Hill through effective communiction channels and community activities that connect people around common interests.
    • Working with the social channels: FHNA Web site, Facebook and YouTube.
    • Preserving open space
    • Restoration and Expansion work on Juanita Heights Park.

Kurt Brunnenkant, Outreach - Community Committee


DCNA/FHNA involvement: since 2010 and joined the board in 2011. Donor since 2008.

  • Residence: Born and raised in Renton, WA. Finn Hill resident since 2000.
  • Work: Have worked at the Boeing Company since 1997 in manufacturing engineering.
  • Successfully raised 5 children.
  • Other Volunteer work: Volunteered at local schools from elementary through high school. Assisted in producing plays for elementary and junior high. PTSA membership chair at Carl Sandburg Elementary, PTSA webmaster at JHS. Have managed for KNLL boys A ball, and coached City of Kirkland and Boys and Girls Club youth sports teams. Coastsavers volunteer for the last 4 years and counting.
  • FHNA interests:
    • Bringing neighbors together as a community. Promoting community involvement.
    • To accumulate and categorize contact information of FHNA members.
    • To develop distribution lists based on membership interests which will support specific FHNA projects.
    • Community gatherings.

Jeanette Leach, Stewardship Committee


Returned to the Kirkland/Bothell area five years ago after almost 20 years away, mainly in Colorado. Chose Finn Hill as home due to the presence of parks as well as clear community interest in natural areas. Lives near Thoreau. Has BSc in Botany and PhD in Plant Pathology. Spent career in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and currently consult. Has volunteered with King County Parks as Park and Trail Ambassador, is leading remapping efforts with Big Finn Hill Trails Committee.

Interested in participating on the FHNA board to support sustainable natural areas, conserve the features of Finn Hill that make it a special place to live over the next few decades, and contribute to our ability as a community to respond to emergencies.

Bill Blanchard, Land Acquisitions


Bill Blanchard has lived on Finn Hill for over 25 years with his wife Joanie. They raised their three children on the Hill and are looking forward to their two grandchildren enjoying all that Finn Hill has to offer.

Bill has served on the Board for the past four years. During that time he has successfully represented the neighborhood in a number of activities:

  • Helped to create and continues to manages the Finn Hill Neighborhood garage sale
  • Represented the area for over two years on the Fire Station Location Selection Committee
  • Was asked to provide citizen input for the hiring of the new Kirkland Police Chief
  • Is activity involved in the acquisition of park land
  • Has helped to secure over $400,000 for land purchase for Finn Hill Parks
  • Is an active member of the Friends of Big Finn Trails committee

Bill and Joanie walk their dogs in the parks regularly and Bill is looking forward to continuing to represent the area as well as steward the future growth of the Hill.

Ed Hunt, Board Member At Large


Ed Hunt has been a resident of Finn Hill for 20 years and has come to greatly appreciate the wonderful community and environment we enjoy in this corner of Kirkland. He’s noticed a lot of change in that time. He has volunteered at various FHNA events over the past years, including DennyFest as emcee for the last 3 years and the Christmas Ships at Denny Park.

When he attended the recent neighborhood planning sessions organized by FHNA, he realized how much we can influence decisions about our community if we get involved, so here he is, now wishing to join the board of our neighborhood association. He would like to see our green space preserved, such as expanding Juanita Highlands Park and getting foot/bike access from the top of Finn Hill to the communities below.

His two children passed through Sandburg Elementary School and moved on to other middle and high schools in the district, and he has volunteered there too. Ed has also led a couple of YMCA Y‐guides circles of Dads and Kids to several camp‐outs around Puget Sound. He currently works from home as an engineer for a software services company.

Marc Ackerman, Treasurer


Marc has lived on Finn Hill for only six years, but in that time he has endeavored to immerse himself in the local community and its splendid features. As a former event manager at Orlando’s massive convention center, Marc felt comfortable stepping into the role of director of DennyFest, which he has organized for the past two years. He also has served as director of Seattle’s Pride Parade for five years, and he volunteers repeatedly at several of Seattle’s signature public events throughout the festival season. He especially enjoys his part‐time position in the Seattle Mariners’ ticket office during baseball season.

Marc relocated to this area following two years of volunteer service with the United  States Peace Corps in the Republic of Macedonia. Weather permitting, you can find him walking the magnificent trails of Finn Hill Park daily, accompanied by his faithful canine companion, Brza.

Matt Pruitt, Board Member at Large


Finn Hill resident since 2001 (rented home from 2003 – 2006 while living in Washington D.C.)

MA in Public Administration, Seattle U; BA in Political Science, UW.

Worked in politics for three years as an aide to a member of the state legislature and then the King County Council. Began a career in labor relations and personnel management in Washington D.C. in the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services, currently work in the same field for the Alderwood Water and Wastewater District in Lynnwood. Worked for every level of government at some point: federal, county, state, city, and special purpose

Commissioner for O.O. Denny Park  (Finn Hill Park and Recreation District).

Active at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Juanita.

Involvement in DCNA:

  • Helped Jim Sproull with the salmon project on Denny Creek in 2001
  • Helped with the Denny Creek bank stabilization project in the summer of 2009
  • Member of the Finn Hill neighborhood organization committee

Future Interest:

  • 2050 project
  • Trails
  • Community planning/zoning issues
  • Future O.O. Denny Park funding
  • Relationships with new elected officials/future redistricting planning
  • Identifying civic issues that are of interest to the neighborhood
  • Potential development of a community center/meeting place on Finn Hill

Mike Fehlauer, Board Member At Large


Mike is a husband, father, and business owner who moved to Finn Hill in 2012. He is active in his neighborhood HOA and has organized community events and neighbor gatherings such as The National Night Out Against Crime. His company manages the annual PAX festival in Seattle and founded a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization uniting the gamer community to benefit over 100 children’s hospitals and women’s shelters around the globe.

Mike intends to offer that community leadership and event experience to the Finn Hill board. His particular interests are community engagement, emergency preparedness, and sustainability.


  • General membership and community meetings are held every other month, with no meetings during the summer. Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of September, November, January, March, and May at Finn Hill Middle School. The public is invited. In addition to neighborhood updates, a guest speaker will often address a particular topic of interest.
  • The board of directors meets monthly.

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