The following committees are actively working to direct and influence the future of our neighborhood:


Preservation: Work with stakeholders to preserve Finn Hill’s open land via acquisition and tax breaks.

Neighborhood Planning: Work with City and County on comprehensive zoning and land use policy. Learn more about the Neighborhood Plan.

Roads: Monitor planning for traffic, road safety, road repair, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

Safety: Plan for fire, police, and emergency services.

Surface Water Project: Learn more about the  surface water management in Finn Hill.

Contact: Jon Pascal (


Restoration: Join work parties in parks to remove invasives, plant natives, and restore diversity.

Trails: Restore, map, and sign trails in parks.

Wildlife: Cultivate habitat restoration, certify your backyard, and monitor wildlife.

Litter: Adopt-a-Road near your home.

Contact: Matt Pruitt (


Volunteer: Help engage and coordinate volunteers.

Exploration: Explore Your Neighborhood outings.

Community Gatherings:  Garage sales, block parties, family nature outings.

Education: Ask us to support your nature education.

Service Projects: Restore areas for service credit.

Contact: Ellen Haas (


Marketing: Help design and execute membership, public information, and marketing drives.

Networking: Spread the word through our FHNA website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, word-of-mouth.

Graphics: Contribute art, graphics, and photography, for marketing materials and displays.

History Project: Contribute to the project of gathering history about Finn Hill (more details coming soon).

Contact: Kathy Schuler (


Quarterly Meetings: Join us at FH Middle School. Suggest or request speakers and forums. Contact Us.

Annual Celebrations: Join in Finn Hill parties, such as DennyFest and Christmas Ships at Denny Park.

Contact: Meg Tally (

You have the opportunity to be part of, and to influence, the area where you live. Reach out to one of the committee leads and join us in our efforts.