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Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan Meeting Video

Finn Hill Neighborhood Planning Process is Underway The video below is from the November 14th community meeting. This is the first Neighborhood Plan for Finn Hill since the area was annexed to the City of Kirkland in 2011. The development of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan is expected to be completed in December 2016. Thanks to Barbara Travers for preparing this video! For more information on the neighborhood planning process and to access the Finn Hill Neighborhood Planning page on the City of Kirkland website visit the Finn Hill Neighborhood Planning page visit City of Kirkland’s website – Finn Hill Planning...

City of Kirkland Update

The City of Kirkland just published the latest issue of “City Update.”  This issue includes articles about: Sound Transit 3 candidate projects The planned Jan. 11 Community Update Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan… The 2016 City Council (and how to contact Council Members) Fire and emergency medical improvements City Hall remodel Plastic Bag Reduction Program Critical Areas Ordinance update You can access the newsletter here: