Finn Hill Artists Alliance

Recently several Finn Hill residents who are artists got together and began talking about connecting and forming a group of fellow creative individuals. We are officially “The Finn Hill Artists Alliance” and are looking for anyone who is interested in joining us! We talked about the possibilities of a future artist’s studio tour, art show and sale, finding a gallery venue, creating artist cards and more. Be a part of the conversation…we would love to connect with you!

For more information, call Cheryl Brown at 206-778-9234, or email

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Photos by Leah Berner

Finn Hill Artists’ Bios

Cheryl Brown: Rock/Paper/Scissors

I am in love with fiber, fabric and paper, as well as cast away items that I can re-cycle and re-purpose.  I consider myself a collage artist as my passion is merging materials.  I enjoy doing many things and have a hard me liming   myself when it comes to my art, but currently am doing a mix of 2-dimensional mixed media collage, and fiber collage handbags.   

Besides my passion for creating, I am the mother of 3 grown sons and an Australian Shepherd/Husky mix dog, an enthusiast gardener and a student of the hammered dulcimer. I am the former owner of an art co-op in Laurelhurst called Sepia, and work full me for Seattle Parks and Recreation in the best job in the world, which is programming for ages 50 and over in Lifelong Recreation.

by Cheryl Brown

by Cheryl Brown

Ebb Pate: Drawings, Paintings, Paper Mache, & More

Ebb has two degrees in Design and has been an artist all his adult life. In the early 70s he developed a large mail order company named ‘Merri Makers’. The company marketed his portfolios of prints and other creations worldwide through a variety of major magazines such as ‘House and Garden’, ‘House Beautiful’ and ‘Southern Living’, to name a few.

During the original heyday of Lilly Pulitzer, Ebb developed and produced numerous products sold in her 27 stores nationwide, including the “Lilly Pulitzer Coloring Book.” Among other coloring books are “Naples”, “Sarasota”, “Yorktown” and “Jimmy Carter”.

Ebb’s drawings, paintings and original paper mache sculptures are in the collections of a host of famous people, from Sir Cecil Beaton to John Wayne. Thousands of others own his lithographs and other prints. Large Pate watercolors now hang in the Capital in Tallahassee, Florida, and many of his drawings have been published in Georgia Magazine and ‘Gulfshore Life’ based in Naples, Florida.

Truly bi-coastal, Ebb lives in both Virginia, where he paints scenes of Colonial Williamsburg/Yorktown/Jamestown, and southern landscapes. He is represented in The Gallery on Merchants Square, Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, The Gallery at York Hall, Yorktown, The Gallery on the Hill, Yorktown and Parkland Gallery in Kirkland, Washington , where he paints local scenes and people.

Ginger Carter Pate: Oils & Mosaics

Studied art at University of North Texas. With Angie Banta Brown in Richardson, Texas At Kirkland Arts Center

Taught art at Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Dallas, Tx

Currently has paintings at York Hall Gallery in Yorktown, VA and at The Gallery on Merchant’s Square in Williamsburg, VA.

Lives part time in Williamsburg, VA and Kirkland, WA.

Works in oils and mosaics.


Blossom Lane


Pond in Autumn

Leah Berner: Photographer

Finn Hill resident Leah Berner is the FHNA volunteer photographer and many of her images grace the pages of this website.

Living in the Kirkland area for over 12 years with her husband, Louis, an active FHNA member, and their four children. Leah keeps very busy as a full-time mom and volunteer at their schools as an art docent and sometime teacher’s aide.  She also volunteers when possible with her husband for frequent neighborhood projects going on around Finn Hill.  She loves adventuring outdoors taking photos, often with her daughters in tow, and is able to stick close to home where she easily finds much beauty throughout the many nearby parks, forests and waterways in the neighborhood.


Denny Dock by Leah Berner

Sherrill Hull: Fine Art

by Sherrill Hull

by Sherrill Hull

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Sherrill Hull was educated in Fine Art with an emphasis on Classical Art. She also studied Design, Sculpture, and Commercial Art.

Sherrill was kept very busy for two decades in British Columbia, Canada and later Washington state, illustrating, creating privately commissioned art and teaching all media to all age groups.

She achieved considerable acclaim upon turning her talents to murals and Trompe L’oeil.

Five successive years of having her illusionary masterpieces displayed in mansions on display at the Seattle Street of Dreams helped to establish Sherrill as one of the most accomplished and sought-after Trompe L’oeil artists and muralists in the Northwest. To this day satisfied clients trumpet her accomplishments.

Sherrill has appeared in several publications including ‘Northwest Living’, ‘Seattle Homes and Lifestyles’, Seattle Design Resources’, ‘Sunset Ideas for Great Babies’ Rooms’, the cover of ‘Designers Resources,’ and the Seattle Times ‘Parade’ magazine. She has also appeared on the television show Evening Magazine and was featured in two television shows in British Columbia.

At present Sherrill is working at creating illusions in Trompe L’oeil, murals, and faux finishes and teaching art in her home studio. She is currently working on a series of fine art work for display and is available for commissions.

Call for Artist on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Project

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Call for Artist on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Project

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission is seeking an artist or artist teams to serve as “Artist in Residence” to create an ephemeral art project on site at the Cross Kirkland Corridor. The artwork will be constructed and installed on the Cross Kirkland Corridor during the period of  Sept 10 – October 8, 2016. The deadline to apply is June 15, 2016 at 5pm.  Please read the Request for Proposal for more information.  Questions can be directed to Philly Marsh at...

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The Art of Photography

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The Art of Photography

Leah Berner is the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance photographer. The winter scene on the home page is photographed by Leah looking at the East Cascades. After earning her degree in Fine Art, Leah continued to pursue photography because she has always had a passion for photos and art since she was young. In her teens and twenties she traveled to many different countries all over the world, photographing the beauty everywhere. In the nineties with the advent of digital photography, she started experimenting with this new form of photographic...

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Art is Everywhere!

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Art is Everywhere!

Fall is here, and as I walk my dog through the trails of Big Finn Park I see an abundance of natural beauty that inspires the artist in me. The colors seem to be more intense than I remember. The leaves on the trees are brilliant against the sky, and the leaves on the ground fall in layers of color that are rich and lush. There are so many different mushrooms sprouting up daily…they are everywhere. At every turn there is a visual treasure. Oh to be able to translate what I see  with paint on paper….. Recently several Finn Hill residents who...

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